CNN Professional Translation Company supplies the translation, interpretation, voice-overs services and staffing solution in over 170 languages in 58 different fields from popular languages such as English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, etc to rarely used languages in Vietnam...

Why choose CNN?

  • High quality, outstanding services
  • Ultimate assurance in security for customers
  • With 8 years experiences in language industries
  • Expert staff and huge network system of freelancer
  • Handling of 100.000 words per day
  • Standard process for fast, exact and high quality output
  • Support proofreading and format methods for nice template
  • Translation services including 3 package
  • Special offers with monthly discount, bonus and online customers support
  • Huge network of native speakers across 5 continentals
  • Translation Project on Nuclear Power with Uryu & Itoga

    Translation Project on Nuclear Power with Uryu & Itoga   The Cooperative Translation Project on Nuclear Power Plant entered by and between CNNProfessional Translation Co., Ltd. and Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd.   On March 20th, 2013, a long-term cooperation contract on nuclear power English-to-Vietnamese translation was ...

  • Petroleum Information Technology Telecom and Automation JSC

    Petroleum Information Technology Telecom and Automation JSC All the company profile, correspondences and sales contracts of PVTech were translated into English by CNN Professional Translation Company. Also, the general economic documents relating to the operation process of PVTech were translated by CNN Translation.

  • Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials

    Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials CNN Professional Translation Company cooperated with Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM) to localize the bidding documents, prepare documents on supplying equipment for building material production projects. The material documents were localized from Vietnamese to English and English to Vietnamese to help ...

  • Mercedes- Benz Vietnam

    Mercedes- Benz Vietnam Mercedes – Bens Vietnam is a foreign investment group in Vietnam, whose whole recruitment process is undertaken by foreign cadres. Therefore, during the interview with the Vietnamese candidates who command in foreign languages, it required interpreters. These interpreters, apart from the language proficiency, ...

  • ABB Co., Ltd

    ABB Co., Ltd All documentation of technology transfer, technical installation manuals from abroad for ABB Co,. Ltd are translated by CNN Translator from English to Vietnamese. In order for more than  700 pages of documentation translated correctly and accurately, CNN had to use the leading experts in the field of technology, ...

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Viettel Group

"The investment project of Viettel is very important and require the highest quality. I am satisfied with CNN Translation. Working with CNN translation specialists I fee secure because CNN Translation undertakes the investment project of Viettel, the translation quality meets requirements. Thanks CNN Translation. ... "

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