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2005年8月19日設立からの8年運営した後、CNN翻訳は Yamaha、 Honda、Toyota、Brainworks、 Panasonic、ベトナム税関総局、財政省、国防省、公安省、労働安全省、貿易振興局、ベトナム文化知恵出版社、May銀行、HSB銀行、Sofitel Plaza、Sheratonホテル、CMC技術グループ等の政府の組織、マルチナショナル企業、国内外商標に高品質翻訳サービスを提供している翻訳会社となっています。さらに、そのお客様こそはCNNの成功証明であり、弊社提供サービス質の物差しです。


  • 高品質
  • お客様情報の機密保持
  • 8年以上の経験
  • 専門職員
  • 日当たり100.000言葉
  • ISO標準プロセス
  • 校正とフォーマットをサポート
  • 170言語
  • 特別オファー
  • 巨大なネットワーク
  • Petroleum Information Technology Telecom and Automation JSC

    Petroleum Information Technology Telecom and Automation JSC All the company profile, correspondences and sales contracts of PVTech were translated into English by CNN Professional Translation Company. Also, the general economic documents relating to the operation process of PVTech were translated by CNN Translation.

  • Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials

    Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials CNN Professional Translation Company cooperated with Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM) to localize the bidding documents, prepare documents on supplying equipment for building material production projects. The material documents were localized from Vietnamese to English and English to Vietnamese to help ...

  • Mercedes- Benz Vietnam

    Mercedes- Benz Vietnam Mercedes – Bens Vietnam is a foreign investment group in Vietnam, whose whole recruitment process is undertaken by foreign cadres. Therefore, during the interview with the Vietnamese candidates who command in foreign languages, it required interpreters. These interpreters, apart from the language proficiency, ...

  • ABB Co., Ltd

    ABB Co., Ltd All documentation of technology transfer, technical installation manuals from abroad for ABB Co,. Ltd are translated by CNN Translator from English to Vietnamese. In order for more than  700 pages of documentation translated correctly and accurately, CNN had to use the leading experts in the field of technology, ...

  • Chu Lai Float Glass Joint Stock Company

    Chu Lai Float Glass Joint Stock Company CNN Translator undertook the translation of all float glass production line installation manual for Chu Lai Float Glass Company. This manual set comprises more than 800 pages in Vietnamese is translated into English and Chinese. Therefore, the accurate translation is very important, any error even minor may affect ...

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Viettel Group

"The investment project of Viettel is very important and require the highest quality. I am satisfied with CNN Translation. Working with CNN translation specialists I fee secure because CNN Translation undertakes the investment project of Viettel, the translation quality meets requirements. Thanks CNN Translation. ... "

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