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  • Viettel Group

    The investment project of Viettel is very important and require the highest quality. I am satisfied with CNN Translation. Working with CNN translation specialists I fee secure because CNN Translation undertakes the investment project of Viettel, the translation quality meets requirements. Thanks CNN Translation. ...

  • Vietnam Law Newspaper

    I am hypercritical. I am very cautious in looking for interpretation partner for my project. I have used press translation service of CNN Translation. CNN Translation has perfectly met my strict criteria and has very professional working style. I am very satisfied.     Tran Ngoc Ha Vice General Editor ...

  • Thu Huong Bakery Co.,Ltd

    Thanks CNN Translation Company. The interpretation this morning was good, in the coming business trip, we will continue to use interpretation service of CNN.     CEO of Thu Huong Bakery Co.,Ltd

  • VinaXpress Education & Migration

    The translation is good. There are some type but overall I am happy with CNN’s works. Cheers     Duke Le VinaXpress Education & Migration 9 Sun Crescent, Sunshine, VIC 3020, Australia

  • Ha Tinh Mineral and Trading Company (Mitraco)

    “Our documents are related to mineral mining, engineering, biology those are difficult for the translation work. However, with the trust in translation experience of CNN, we receive the most accurate translated documents at the most reasonable price. CNN Translation has become the most trustful partner of Mitraco ...

  • Sai Gon Investment Consulting Company Ltd

    Sai Gon Investment Consulting Limited Company is a foreign-invested company with regular demand for translation of bidding documents, contractors or other documents from Korean to Vietnamese and vice versa. All of these documents are handed over to CNN Translation Company for translating. We are very satisfied for the ...

  • Law Pro Company

    Regarding the localized documents, we, a legal consultancy company, set a relatively high requirement on quality. Accuracy of the localized language is put in our top list of priority. Among translation and notarized translation service providers, CNN successfully fulfills our requirements thanks to its ...

  • China Railway Engineering Group No. 6 Co., Ltd

    China Railway Engineering Group No. 6 Co., Ltd selected CNN Translation Company to localize all documents in the Cat Linh – Hanoi Urban Railway Construction Project. After one year of cooperation, it was found that CNN Translation with high quality and competitive price deserves to be a local leading localization ...

  • Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials

    Our outsourcing texts are often the bid invitation documents for suppliers of building material production projects. It is relatively difficult to localize. However, when CNN is selected as a localization partner, we have received the target files with the standard quality, coherent style and accurate terms, timely ...



  • Petroleum Information Technology Telecom and Automation JSC

    All the company profile, correspondences and sales contracts of PVTech were translated into English by CNN Professional Translation Company. Also, the general economic documents relating to the operation process of PVTech were translated by CNN Translation.

  • Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials

    CNN Professional Translation Company cooperated with Viet Nam Institute for Building Materials (VIBM) to localize the bidding documents, prepare documents on supplying equipment for building material production projects. The material documents were localized from Vietnamese to English and English to Vietnamese to help ...

  • Mercedes- Benz Vietnam

    Mercedes – Bens Vietnam is a foreign investment group in Vietnam, whose whole recruitment process is undertaken by foreign cadres. Therefore, during the interview with the Vietnamese candidates who command in foreign languages, it required interpreters. These interpreters, apart from the language proficiency, ...

  • ABB Co., Ltd

    All documentation of technology transfer, technical installation manuals from abroad for ABB Co,. Ltd are translated by CNN Translator from English to Vietnamese. In order for more than  700 pages of documentation translated correctly and accurately, CNN had to use the leading experts in the field of technology, ...

  • Chu Lai Float Glass Joint Stock Company

    CNN Translator undertook the translation of all float glass production line installation manual for Chu Lai Float Glass Company. This manual set comprises more than 800 pages in Vietnamese is translated into English and Chinese. Therefore, the accurate translation is very important, any error even minor may affect ...

  • Interpretation of Vietnam – Colombia Education Conference

    Conference on primary education projects held by Columbian educators was interpreted by CNN Translation. Such conference contents were successfully conveyed to the Vietnamese leading education experts to strengthen the education relationship in particular and the foreign relation in general between Vietnam and ...

  • Cat Linh – Hanoi Railway Project

    Cat Linh – Hanoi Urban Railway Construction Project undertaken by Beijing Urban Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd was translated by CNN Professional Translation Company. The project consisted of 4000 pages to be conveyed from Chinese to Vietnamese. The accuracy of the technical translated documents ...

  • Finland Embassy’s Website Translation Project

    CNN Translation Company successfully established the annual cooperation relation with Finland Embassy to translate their website from English to Vietnamese. The translated contents were mainly the immigration procedures into Finland. This information required a strict accuracy and coherent contents.

  • Vietnamese Primary Education Renovation Project

    The Vietnamese primary education renovation project was sponsored to poor children by Columbia Government. The project had 747 pages to be translated from Spanish to Vietnamese. Such materials would be composed as the primary coursebook in terms of mathematics and the social science which would be officially applied ...

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Dich thuat CNN Mien Bac

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CEO Dinh Khac


Dinh Khac Tuan

Dinh Khac Tuan氏は現在、CNNの社長兼取締役会会長として運営活動を管理・監査し、プロジェクトを調整する作業を実施しています。中国語専門学士であり、CEO、MMI、Monozukuri and Lean Method等の証明書を有するTuan氏は効果及び品質を方針にして会社の経営を管理します。本人から印象を与えることは翻訳産業の発展に大きいな貢献するだけではなく価値的な関係を形成して、リーダーの戦略的な思想を持っているのです。また、彼はアジア翻訳協会の副会長で、Millionaire Houseの創立メンバーです。






Nguyen Duc Giang

経営学専攻学士資格を有するNguyen Duc GiangはDinh Khac Tuanと一緒にベトナムにおいてCNN翻訳会社を8年前に創立した人です。また、経営部では経験を持つ他に、会社に大きいな契約書を引き取った第一立派な人と見られています。これは本副社長が赴任して経営作業を直接従業員へ指導した後にCNNはアジア諸国拡大際ここの3年間で売上面顕著な成長がある原因です。








Doan Manh Thang

Doan Manh Thangは英語専門通信技術・電子商取引学部の学士であり、電子商取引適用テーマに関する科学研究コンテストで一等賞を取得した人です。そのおかげで、Doan Manh Thangは伝統的なマーケティングとオンライン形式マーケティングを連結する適切なマーケティング戦略を作成するのを目指して世界電子商引取をはじめ、ベトナムにおける電子経営についての該博かつ堅実な知識基礎を有します。

NUS BINGOやBlogger.vnといった非政府機関に通勤した経験、及びVCグループに対する製品マーケティングを設計していた経験では、新規な商標を世界に出場し、ユーザーに一番早く近づけるためどの方法が必要だか把握できます。そのうえ、2018年前CNNをLSPs50選に追い込む希望を持つDoan Manh Thangは現在努力を注いでCNN船を目標へ漕ごうとしています。





Dinh Van Quang

Dinh Van Quangは会社戦略・経営システムの構築において重要な要素の一つとして見られます。販売・後販売経営管理分野での10年経験を持っているDinh Van Quangは数万米ドルの国際的プロジェクト取得に貢献する突破かつ適当な戦略を創設したことがあります。









Ta Hoang Anh

Ta Hoang AnhはULSA大学人材管理学専門学士であり、この位置で長年の経験を持ち、人事管理分野における貴重な体験をしたことがあります。この美しい女の人は本社のシステムを個人から集団まで、従業員から取締役会まで効果的で運営できるように自分能力を貢献する希望を持っています。










Trinh Bich Ngoc

Trinh Bich NgocはCNNに2005年創立からの長年貢献過程を有します。彼女は会社文化、人事状況、運営活動について一番はっきり把握する人です。仕事には財政課題を最適化にし、費用を最小化に、利益を最大化にすると期待しています。これはCNNに世界財政危機を乗り越えて支援する手法です。








Hoang Thi Dieu Linh

Hoang Thi Dieu LinhはCNNの成功・失敗に決定する重要な要素の一つとして見られます。彼女の仕事は他の部連結で一番速く対応するように言語プロジェクトを調整することです。その他、プロジェクト内項目を直接に管理し、重要なプロジェクトの責任を負うことに参加します。本人はCNNの主な管理システムの糸口です。




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