How Joe Gibbs, film study and analytics led the Commanders to Carson Wentz

ASHBURN, Va. — The Washington Commanders’ quarterback search has lasted more than 30 years, interrupted by brief periods of solid play and the hope that maybe, just maybe, Quarterback X, would end the quest. It never happened. The Commanders embarked on yet another search this offseason, which led them to Carson Wentz and another period … Read more

Deshaun Watson willing to waive no-trade clause for Cleveland Browns, who are set to give him $230M guaranteed, sources say

3:53 PM ET Jack Trotter Close ESPN Staff Writer Covers the Big 12 Joined in 2011 Graduate of Washington & Lee University Sarah Barshop Close ESPN Staff Writer Covered the Packers for ESPN Milwaukee Marquette University graduate Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has decided that he wants to play for the Cleveland Browns, sources … Read more

Joe Buck: Why he left FOX for ESPN, Monday Night Football

1. Earlier this week, ESPN announced it hired Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to call Monday Night Football starting this season. Aikman’s contract was up after this year’s Super Bowl while Buck’s still had a year remaining. Fox and ESPN worked out a deal this week that allowed Buck to leave Fox a year early … Read more

Carson Wentz surprised by trade, happy to be ‘wanted’ by Washington Commanders

ASHBURN, Va. — After being traded twice in one year, new Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz on Thursday let it be known that it was good to be “wanted.” “Knowing that you’re wanted and feeling that support means a lot,” Wentz said during his first news conference with Washington. “It allows me to play confidently, … Read more